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Evocative. Powerful. HERE NOW. 2015

Know the very best part of a new year is?

Shimmering Possibilities

There will be plenty of time to evaluate lessons learned, embrace new lessons and letting go moments from 2014.

In this first beautiful kiss of 2015 I'm focusing on the SpoKind video with our production partner Rogue Heart Media. If you ever have need of their partnership, I am a huge whole hearted HELL YES to recommending them. Intuitive, creative, smart and very great peeps.

Natch, I'm planning my year ahead + there are some changes in store for HAPI by Design and the work we're doing. Pretty cool stuff might I add. I'll fill you in as the details come together.

I wish for you much presence in the now, open hearted communication and boundless abundance.

Peace out.

SpoKind Video Edits

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