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For all of the times you called + asked me to join your teams, help resolve a challenge or allowed me to co-create something awesome with you, thank you!


I have had the best adventures and have learned so much from you. I am honored and humbled to have accompanied you on part of your journey.


What's next on the horizon? 

I have a few projects to complete, I'm writing a blog on irreverent mending (healing with a side kick of humor) and I am finishing my book on (wait for it) dead people. Yeah. I know, right?  


Want to keep in touch? I'd love it! Shoot me a message + let's.

Working with Me

I'm taking a brief hiaitus while I tend to some personal projects. My calendar opens again in February 2018! Reach out if you have a project + let's get it on the calendar.


Keep on changing the world, you.


Peace Out. <3









We can do that.



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