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 Saving Your Bacon strategy at a time

Get your business cookin' with HAPi by Design + Let It Shine Media
We can help you bring home the bacon and make your message
POP, SIZZLE + SHINE. Be it brand ambassadorship, media or just plain ol' strategy, we'll boost your energy + give you clear solutions to breakthrough any blockages or just plain sucky areas you've been wrestling. Try it. You'll like it. 

Media Release

​News + Announcements

Ready to shout your message, company or bright idea to the world? We've got an aptitute for that. Write, Edit, Send. 

Done - what's next?

Business Strategy

Organize, Communicate + Grow

Need an idea, brainstorming partner or just a planning session for what's next? We can help you vision your future, peppered with action steps so you have clear focus.


One or both of us, we connect with your audience + bring creative energy and motivation to rock your space. 

Event Production
​Plan, Budget + Management

One doesn't simply toss together an event or meeting. No, no. It's not a salad. Your special day needs nurturing, tending to and lots of attention. We can do that.

Scribe, at your service
​We write. You relax.

Newsletter getting the better of you? Social media growing tentacles and getting out of control? Need a website updo and your energy has done gone? We got ya. One time or ongoing scribery - we're on it.


Team Building, Meeting Choreography

Is your team not speaking with the same voice? Or maybe they need a quick refresher on mission and working collaboratively. Everyone has a special talent. Let us help discover it. 

HAPi by Design

Strategies, events + Ink Slingery

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