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I'm Deb.

"Deb has the ability to take a simple idea, or thought, and create an incredible fininished project. I'm thankful I have her to call upon!"  

- Kathy Brooks, Spokane NARFE

Kathy is a mover + a shaker - 

 so fun to be a collaborator!    

I'm a little impatient, a lot creative + a believer in kindness.

I love words.

They change moods, lighten the load, move mountains, inspire, describe, heal, transform and... connect us.

I believe that we are all just a few pieces of information or an awareness moment away from being who we're here to be -- and that is some powerful, heady stuff when you think about it. (Think about it. Really. What piece of information do you need to take you to where you want to be?)

I'm an innovator. I'm also a fixer, a stand for justice, uncannily awesome during a crisis and can improve a process at 50 paces. I've often thought of starting a business called "I know a guy/gal" - I love connecting people AND getting things done right the first time. I want a production company named "Big Girl Pants Productions" because one day I am going on the road in a Winnebago to teach the world to sing + share communication + organizational tactics.


Always ~ Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

Attributed to Maggie Kuhn

My actual company, the Human Affection Project, ink (or HAPi by Design) was inspired by H.H. the Dalai Lama who speaks simply, profoundly:

“We can live without religion and meditation, but

we cannot survive without human affection.”

Little known fact: my company name is also "Whole-Assed Productions: When half an ass just won't do." What can I say? I'm an "all-in" committer.

Rumor has it that as a child I didn't speak for the first year of my life. When I finally decided to share my early wisdom, it came out in complete sentences. (Most likely it was an irreverent commentary.) I remain a quick study and focused observer.

Coca~Cola + singing really loud = instant happy. 

I own some crazy, fun shoes. I may or may not have a small addiction to iPhone cases. I have a small tattoo consisting of a heart dangling from a lion's tale. I have a thing for Captain James T. Kirk + Captain Mal (oh yes... Star Trek/Firefly nerd alert) and you do not want to get me started on Peyton Manning and how I secretly believe he still plays for my Indianapolis Colts (relationship status with Andrew Luck: it's complicated).

It is not possible to name all of the women mentors who have loved me to this space + time. But I will tell you, they are some of the most generous, dynamic, brilliant, loving + present humans I've known and my heart is full of gratitude for them.

Mushy stuff exists. So this about that - I am blessed to know love, be loved and to love in return.

I reckon everything is sacred space. Even this now. If you're here and feel like saying hello, please do. Friends, new + old, are always welcome.

DEB = Strategy,

Goodness + Honesty.


"You'll work with Deb because it makes sense, she makes sure that WE make sense.

She's funny and works harder than anyone else on the team. She's so full of wisdom, expertise + connections that whether it's a year long contract, or a 30 second conversation, she'll make it happen.

Really. She's that good."

- Lucinda Kay, Let It Shine Media
...Collaboration to the MAX - Let It Shine is my "go to" collaborator. Joyful media coaching + PR specialists.

HAPi by Design

Strategies, events + Ink Slingery

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